About Us


The story behind the name Emilia and Rose. Rose (short for Rosaria is my (Silvia's) mother & Emilia was Rose's sister who passed away in December 2020, due to complications with Covid19. 

Emilia & Rose are two Italian sisters (from a family of 7 kids) who became widely known for the comfort, nourishment, friendship and support that was served at their tables. These two women, though living continents apart, shared a love for family, friends, food, faith and fellowship that brought familiar and fresh faces to their tables each day. Through all their years, be it hardship or abundance, the heart of their homes maintained a bounty of soul satisfying food and heartwarming conversation, served up with loving sincerity.  

Emilia and Rose are the inspiration for our collection of home pieces to daily bring light to your table and heart to your home. Gather those you love, sip espresso, enjoy a meal and share your lives as if you were at her table.


When you visit our store, some of you will realize that you have been here before but purchasing different items. Since 2009, we have been selling party supplies, under Party On Store in the same location.

But with Covid, many changes came our way. There was alot of adapting on our part to be able to keep our doors open. We decided to be able to keep our doors open & pay bills, we needed to change things up a bit. And we made the decision to carry PPE products. Which ended up helping so many people within our communites and beyond. We were blessed with PPE suppliers that wanted to see us succeed, & did whatever they can to get us thru each day. So much so that we were one of the very few stores in the lower mainland that carried such an extensive inventory of PPE supplies when many were not able to get their hands on it. 

Fast forward to December 2020. 

We made the decision, since party supplies were not in such demand due to the social distancing & rules of no events/parties, we needed to come up with another plan. And this is when Home Decor came to fruition. This has been a dream of mine for a couple of decades but never felt it was the right time. But, when it was brought up again to me in December, by my husband & family members, the thought came alive within me. I knew that this was the time. So with lots of work, creativity, sleepless nights, staff & family members we made it all happen within 1 week. We transformed our 2000 sqft store into part Party Supplies and part Home Decor. 

We hope to see you in store for all your home decor needs along with all your party needs.